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Week 11- “For Immediate Release Podcast”

In this podcast, Tod Maffin, a strategic social media expert was interviewed on his career and where he started. His journey began with a career in radio and broadcast journalism. He felt it was important to spread around his interests to see what he really liked and enjoyed. Later in the interview he discussed the importance of a website, and described his personal site where he presents different case studies. He found afterwards that these case studies were quite beneficial to clients and the public, because they were able to put knowledge into tangible practice. I really enjoyed listening to this podcast, and it reminded me how fortunate we are in this age to be able to listen across the World if we wanted to, to professionals and hear their wisdom on relatable topics.


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Week 16- Blogging Tips

1. Catchy Titles- Be creative and leave the boring stuff at home!

2. Pictures count!- Find some neat, legal images that you can upload to your blog posts to catch the reader’s attention.

3. Follow your bliss- Whatever makes you tick, write about it! Don’t try to be something you aren’t. Readers will enjoy reading what you like, even if it’s not what normally interest you.

4. Keep it organized- Use headers and search bars to organize your blog page. People will be able to find things easier and will be more willing to read if they can clearly see where things are located.

5. Spell Check- Spelling mistakes are no-no’s. Make sure all of your posts are clearly checked and re-checked!

6. Experiment- Try to find new categories that interest you, and see how you like writing about them!

7. Be friendly- Respond to comments! Make new friends, network!!

8. Videos and links- Upload videos or links to videos that pertain to your posts. It helps readers connect to your writing if they can see an example or supporting video.

9. Stay on top of your work!- Do not let your blog get the best of you. Continue to post daily, and try to comment frequently as well.

10. Be inspired- Use daily happenings, or small inspirations from friends or a professor to write blog posts. Some of your best work could be inspired by a good friend and a sunny day.

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Week 14- Writing an Effective News Release

Keep the following points in mind when writing a press or news release….

1. Newsworthy?- The purpose of a news release is to inform the world of your news. Do not use the release to try and sell something. A good news release answers all of the W’s and H of journalism.

2. Strong stuff- Your headline should tell the story. The rest should provide detail to the reader. Grab their attention!!

3. Only report NEWS!- Not everything is considered news, and just because you are excited, doesn’t mean anyone else will be. Keep the audience in mind when writing and formulating.

4. Effectively illustrate?- Use real life examples of a problem, and identify the proper solution.

5. Facts are key- Be honest, and tell it like it is. Avoid words and comments that are not needed to get your point across.

6. Have an angle- Keep the time in mind, and keep news current.

7. Words words words- Do not use too many! Avoid using words that are unnecessary to the topic.

8. Jargon watch- Speak plainly, and clearly to get your point across.

9. Avoid hype- Do not make something more exciting than it actually is.

10. Spell check- Make sure all of your spelling and grammar is correct, you do not want to be corrected or embarrassed.

Need more advice: Option #1 & Option #2

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Week 12- Interview w/ Kneale Mann

This week, my Public Relations Applications class was privledged to watch an interview our professor Barbara Nixon conducted with Kneale Mann discussing blogging strategies and the importance of writing for media. I was impressed with Mann’s blog, “One Mann’s Opinion” where he writes about recent issues in strategy, marketing, and social media.

In the interview, he gave a lot of advice on new bloggers and their adventures through posting. His number one point and word of wisdom, was “Write about what you like”. He spoke a lot about how important practice in writing is the key ingredient to a successful career in blogging. The more you do what you like, and practice what you like, the better you will become.

Writing and expressing your feelings and opinions on the web can be a dangerous road to travel. Mann set my mind at ease, and now I am inspired to take more of a front seat role with blogging, and manage my blog confidently.


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Week 13- Public Relations in Crisis

In class today, we discussed the chance that a tragic Media accident could occur without any notice. I was reminded of the awful video that was released of the former Domino’s employee who thought it would be funny to tamper with the ingredients of a customer’s sandwich. The video makes me cringe with every view, but it just reminds us that if and when a problem or crisis occurs, there is a process that we must go through to initiate damage control. According to Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics, this is the plan that should be implemented during a crisis.

1. Make progress visible
2. Analyze what went wrong
3. Improve governance structure
4. Make CEO and leadership accessible to media
5. Fire employees involved in problem
6. Commit to high corporate citizenship standards
7. Carefully review ethics policies
8. Hire outside auditors for internal audits
9. Issue an apology from the CEO

Another heated crisis came about when United Airlines accidentally broke a musician’s guitar while traveling. Angered and upset with United Airlines after they broke his guitar, Dave Carroll made several fury-filled videos giving United a bad name. Here is his video, see for yourself!

If a company encounters a crisis such as this, it is important to handle it in a timely fashion, and to handle it properly.


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Week 10- Interview w/ Martin Waxman

Martin Waxman is the founder of Palate Public Relations agency based in Toronto, Canada.

In the interview, Waxman discussed the importance of the use of social media within the public relations realm. He explained the importance of knowledge within the media, and how helpful or hurtful it could be to your career. Staying current on events and news is an important habit to obtain.

Waxman and his partner found several things they didn’t like about agencies, and wanted to change those.

1. Simplicity

2. Energy- Don’t give up

3. Integrity- Important with Social Media

Does a weekly podcast that he really enjoys, and prefers it to a blog. He tries to cover PR and Social Media in the podcasts.

  1. What did you learn? I learned a different aspect of public relations, and what Palate does.
  2. What surprised you? I didn’t know that PR had so many facets and venues.
  3. What do you want to know more about? I would like to know more about what Palate’s plans are for the future as far as long term goals.

Watch for yourself!

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PR Interview

I interviewed Will Reinier, who is a Combat Engineer for the United States Army. Currently he is in school to become Airborne qualified.

His main job is to help lead the way for our forces to move in Iraq and Afghanistan. They do this by finding IEDs and disposing of them so they don’t hurt anyone else. They also clear and obstructions like fallen trees, cars in the road etc.

However, he plans to change jobs to Psychological Operations (PsyOps)  for the Army. Their job is to create and distribute material that will create favorable opinions of the Army. He attended Syracuse University and Oklahoma State University, and
joined the Army to fund the rest of his education. Currently, he is 30 hours short of a BA in Public Relations.

A typical day consists of a ton of training. He has to prepare to do whatever is required to accomplish the mission. They train on search procedures of people and vehicles and also signs that there might be an IED in an area where US forces are. Right now, he is training on how to jump out of airplanes so he can work with a unit that will jump out of planes overseas.

He hopes to be involved in a branch of PhysOps where he can use the PR skills he has learned to strategically plan what message will work with their target audience, both foreign and domestic.  He will then deliver the message to the public and analyze the results.

“Advice for someone considering PR is to just keep at it. You can’t expect results the first time you try something. You have to stay determined and figure out what works for your audience.  Be proactive and keep working on your message, being passive in PR moves nothing forward which is where all of your efforts should be going.” -Will Reinier

Will Reinier

AIM:  blanks918

Twitter: PFCWillReinier

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