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No Singers Please… has revolutionized the PR World as we know it. This site offers many links and profiles to PR professionals and students, who are eager to network and find out new and exciting things happening in PR. Along with profiles, there are also videos, forums, events, jobs/intern postings, and many many more resources. It is free to join, and fun to follow. Take a chance on PRopenmic, it might surprise you, and you could learn something new!


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Foursquare for me? Foursquare for you!

Heard of this new social networking site? Similar to Twitter, foursquare is a website that is a great tool for PR and networking. It was created by Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai who visioned a web mobile application that allows registered users to connect with friends and to update their current location. If you “check in” at certain venues, you are awarded points or badges if you visit that venue so many times. Think this might be something beneficial for you? Give it a try…

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“My Top 10”

Mind you, in no particular order…

1. Twitter: Social networking has proven to be a very important method of media knowledge and getting to know others in the PR world.

2. Comment, comment, comment!- The old saying, “Do unto others” applies to blogging folks! If you want people to comment on your posts, comment on theirs! Get the mental juices flowing by actually READING their blog!

3. Write it out- Free writing is the best way to acquire practice and to get your ideas on paper. Once you have a clear concept, blog about it, and share it with the World.

4. Resume 101- Learning how to formulate a strong resume is key. Lack luster resumes will get you nowhere, and leave you jobless.

5. Dealing with a Crisis- react quickly and confidently, and tell the truth! Be sure what you are doing will positively take care of the problem at hand.

6. Know your audience- Once you see who is viewing and commenting on your posts, try to gear your topics and interests towards them, but of course without losing your personality and individualism!

7. Proofread x12!- You can never proofread too much. Look over your releases, and articles ten times, and then let someone else look it over as well. If there are mistakes, you will lose credibility, and confidence in your co-workers and the community.

8. Be personable- Get to know your clients and colleagues. It is important to develop trust and to be comfortable in your work environment.

9. Research- Although time consuming, research is super important to know exactly what you are talking or writing about.

10. Listen!- Being a good listener is a rare quality these days. Take time just listen and silently evaluate the situation and your interviewee.

Thank you so much for taking this PR Journey with me this year!


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PR Interview

I interviewed Will Reinier, who is a Combat Engineer for the United States Army. Currently he is in school to become Airborne qualified.

His main job is to help lead the way for our forces to move in Iraq and Afghanistan. They do this by finding IEDs and disposing of them so they don’t hurt anyone else. They also clear and obstructions like fallen trees, cars in the road etc.

However, he plans to change jobs to Psychological Operations (PsyOps)  for the Army. Their job is to create and distribute material that will create favorable opinions of the Army. He attended Syracuse University and Oklahoma State University, and
joined the Army to fund the rest of his education. Currently, he is 30 hours short of a BA in Public Relations.

A typical day consists of a ton of training. He has to prepare to do whatever is required to accomplish the mission. They train on search procedures of people and vehicles and also signs that there might be an IED in an area where US forces are. Right now, he is training on how to jump out of airplanes so he can work with a unit that will jump out of planes overseas.

He hopes to be involved in a branch of PhysOps where he can use the PR skills he has learned to strategically plan what message will work with their target audience, both foreign and domestic.  He will then deliver the message to the public and analyze the results.

“Advice for someone considering PR is to just keep at it. You can’t expect results the first time you try something. You have to stay determined and figure out what works for your audience.  Be proactive and keep working on your message, being passive in PR moves nothing forward which is where all of your efforts should be going.” -Will Reinier

Will Reinier

AIM:  blanks918

Twitter: PFCWillReinier

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