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Glee Season Show Down

If you have not followed the last season of Glee, you still have time to stay up all night and watch it on Hulu! I became a HUGE fan after my roommate made me watch it. Glee is an American musical-comedy television series that airs on Fox Tuesday nights. The plot is at an Ohio high school where the focus is on the glee club called “New Directions”. The show features many songs sung by the glee club and showcases their talent week after week. Now don’t be shy, give Glee a Try!



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Abuelo’s? Yes Please!!

Last week I had the honor of enjoying a wonderful night out with my Resident Life team to Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant in Lakeland. We got all dressed up and were excited to get to spend one last night together. For all of you who are not familiar with College Residence Life, we are the team who oversee the girls in our dorm. Our Resident Director treated us to a lovely meal, and I had never been to Abuelo’s, so I was really impressed! The staff who waited on us were so polite and tried their best to deliver their best spanish accents! The menu included everything from fried burritos, to cheese smothered quesadillas. This month they are running a promotion where you purchase their “Fajitas for Two” dinner, which is a HUGE serving of steak or chicken, and shrimp, and you get 2 desserts all for $39.99. But wait! There is more! With your meal purchase, you also receive 2 movie ticket vouchers to COBB Theatres! What a great deal! So, go on and enjoy a nice dinner out, and finish off the night with a movie!


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Cupcake Crazy

Since early in 2009, cupcakes, or miniature sized personal cakes have been all the rage in cities and bakeries alike. Starving sweet toothed teens and adults flock to gourmet bakeries and shops to purchase these delightful desserts for friends and loved ones. Cupcakes are ideal for anyone. Small, less caloric content, and easy to eat! Not to mention the many flavors and colors that bakers have experimented with that have captured the hearts and tummies of many.

Have a budding baking passion? Bake your heart out. Baking is a great way to relieve stress and to enjoy yourself.

Need ideas? These are some of my most favorite recipe sites… A little bit of Martha


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