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Abuelo’s? Yes Please!!

Last week I had the honor of enjoying a wonderful night out with my Resident Life team to Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant in Lakeland. We got all dressed up and were excited to get to spend one last night together. For all of you who are not familiar with College Residence Life, we are the team who oversee the girls in our dorm. Our Resident Director treated us to a lovely meal, and I had never been to Abuelo’s, so I was really impressed! The staff who waited on us were so polite and tried their best to deliver their best spanish accents! The menu included everything from fried burritos, to cheese smothered quesadillas. This month they are running a promotion where you purchase their “Fajitas for Two” dinner, which is a HUGE serving of steak or chicken, and shrimp, and you get 2 desserts all for $39.99. But wait! There is more! With your meal purchase, you also receive 2 movie ticket vouchers to COBB Theatres! What a great deal! So, go on and enjoy a nice dinner out, and finish off the night with a movie!



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No Singers Please… has revolutionized the PR World as we know it. This site offers many links and profiles to PR professionals and students, who are eager to network and find out new and exciting things happening in PR. Along with profiles, there are also videos, forums, events, jobs/intern postings, and many many more resources. It is free to join, and fun to follow. Take a chance on PRopenmic, it might surprise you, and you could learn something new!

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Foursquare for me? Foursquare for you!

Heard of this new social networking site? Similar to Twitter, foursquare is a website that is a great tool for PR and networking. It was created by Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai who visioned a web mobile application that allows registered users to connect with friends and to update their current location. If you “check in” at certain venues, you are awarded points or badges if you visit that venue so many times. Think this might be something beneficial for you? Give it a try…

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Week 11- “For Immediate Release Podcast”

In this podcast, Tod Maffin, a strategic social media expert was interviewed on his career and where he started. His journey began with a career in radio and broadcast journalism. He felt it was important to spread around his interests to see what he really liked and enjoyed. Later in the interview he discussed the importance of a website, and described his personal site where he presents different case studies. He found afterwards that these case studies were quite beneficial to clients and the public, because they were able to put knowledge into tangible practice. I really enjoyed listening to this podcast, and it reminded me how fortunate we are in this age to be able to listen across the World if we wanted to, to professionals and hear their wisdom on relatable topics.

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Week 16- Blogging Tips

1. Catchy Titles- Be creative and leave the boring stuff at home!

2. Pictures count!- Find some neat, legal images that you can upload to your blog posts to catch the reader’s attention.

3. Follow your bliss- Whatever makes you tick, write about it! Don’t try to be something you aren’t. Readers will enjoy reading what you like, even if it’s not what normally interest you.

4. Keep it organized- Use headers and search bars to organize your blog page. People will be able to find things easier and will be more willing to read if they can clearly see where things are located.

5. Spell Check- Spelling mistakes are no-no’s. Make sure all of your posts are clearly checked and re-checked!

6. Experiment- Try to find new categories that interest you, and see how you like writing about them!

7. Be friendly- Respond to comments! Make new friends, network!!

8. Videos and links- Upload videos or links to videos that pertain to your posts. It helps readers connect to your writing if they can see an example or supporting video.

9. Stay on top of your work!- Do not let your blog get the best of you. Continue to post daily, and try to comment frequently as well.

10. Be inspired- Use daily happenings, or small inspirations from friends or a professor to write blog posts. Some of your best work could be inspired by a good friend and a sunny day.

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“My Top 10”

Mind you, in no particular order…

1. Twitter: Social networking has proven to be a very important method of media knowledge and getting to know others in the PR world.

2. Comment, comment, comment!- The old saying, “Do unto others” applies to blogging folks! If you want people to comment on your posts, comment on theirs! Get the mental juices flowing by actually READING their blog!

3. Write it out- Free writing is the best way to acquire practice and to get your ideas on paper. Once you have a clear concept, blog about it, and share it with the World.

4. Resume 101- Learning how to formulate a strong resume is key. Lack luster resumes will get you nowhere, and leave you jobless.

5. Dealing with a Crisis- react quickly and confidently, and tell the truth! Be sure what you are doing will positively take care of the problem at hand.

6. Know your audience- Once you see who is viewing and commenting on your posts, try to gear your topics and interests towards them, but of course without losing your personality and individualism!

7. Proofread x12!- You can never proofread too much. Look over your releases, and articles ten times, and then let someone else look it over as well. If there are mistakes, you will lose credibility, and confidence in your co-workers and the community.

8. Be personable- Get to know your clients and colleagues. It is important to develop trust and to be comfortable in your work environment.

9. Research- Although time consuming, research is super important to know exactly what you are talking or writing about.

10. Listen!- Being a good listener is a rare quality these days. Take time just listen and silently evaluate the situation and your interviewee.

Thank you so much for taking this PR Journey with me this year!


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Week 14- Writing an Effective News Release

Keep the following points in mind when writing a press or news release….

1. Newsworthy?- The purpose of a news release is to inform the world of your news. Do not use the release to try and sell something. A good news release answers all of the W’s and H of journalism.

2. Strong stuff- Your headline should tell the story. The rest should provide detail to the reader. Grab their attention!!

3. Only report NEWS!- Not everything is considered news, and just because you are excited, doesn’t mean anyone else will be. Keep the audience in mind when writing and formulating.

4. Effectively illustrate?- Use real life examples of a problem, and identify the proper solution.

5. Facts are key- Be honest, and tell it like it is. Avoid words and comments that are not needed to get your point across.

6. Have an angle- Keep the time in mind, and keep news current.

7. Words words words- Do not use too many! Avoid using words that are unnecessary to the topic.

8. Jargon watch- Speak plainly, and clearly to get your point across.

9. Avoid hype- Do not make something more exciting than it actually is.

10. Spell check- Make sure all of your spelling and grammar is correct, you do not want to be corrected or embarrassed.

Need more advice: Option #1 & Option #2

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