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Personal Blog Comments (My feedback to others!)

1. Juliet Jones: 1/31/10– Great Job Juliet, nice blog appearance and great posts!

2. Annalee Cole: 5/21/10- Annalee, this interview sounds like it was an amazing opportunity to get an inside look at PR at it’s best! My other passion besides writing is medicine, and I was close to being a pediatrician, so I really enjoyed reading your interview and seeing how medicine and PR coincide in harmony.

3. Amanda Furmage: 5/21/10– Amanda, your blog is incredible! You are such an inspiration and role model! I love your opinions, as well as your fresh approach to PR and social media. You are a wonderful and talented writer, and I am astounded by your creativity and way with words! Keep up the good work!!

4. Mikelle Liette: 5/21/10- Wow Mikelle! If anyone had ANY question at all about news releases, they don’t anymore! You spoke from many hours of research and study on the subject! Being descriptive and honest are two things that are so very important in news releases, and you touch on these issues and so many more! This was very enjoyable to read!

5. Tiana Holding: Post- “Apple iPad Frenzy” 5/27/10– Tiana, this post was eye-opening! I had never really understood what this new technology was, but you made me curious to find out! Yes it is amazing to think how technology is so quickly advancing and taking over our “simple” lives. Thank you for opening my eyes to the iPad!

6. Steph Schroepfer: Post- “If you like it, then you should have put a video to it” 5/28/10- This is too funny! That little baby is being influenced by media and music early in his life! I’m not sure how Beyonce would react, although like you said, her song got TONS of publicity from that toddler!

7. Brianna H: Post- Feedback 5/29/10- Hey girl! Yeah that is neat how our publics match up! I have been a community leader for one semester, because I am a freshman, so I barely knew what a CL was or did until I got here. I decided to talk to Sue about being an R.A for the fall, and she said that there was a CL position for the Spring, so I jumped at the chance. Serving the girls on my hall has been a huge blessing to me, and to my walk with the Lord. I definitely agree that campus involvement is really important to someone’s college experience, and I can honestly say that if I was not apart of res-life, that my freshman year would have been dull and lifeless. It has brought so much to me and allowed me to open up to amazing girls and women of God!

8. Darius Hughes: Post- “TOW 3 Effective Comment”- 5/29/10- Darius, this was spot on! Those comments that mean nothing, can ultimately make or break the blog. Feedback is one of the most important things when it comes to PR and blogging. Thank you for enlightening us all, and reminding fellow bloggers how important it is to write effective comments!

9. Daniell De Boulay: Post- “Social Media News Release: Into the Hallway”- 5/29/10- Amazing post! Awesome interview and quotes. This is the type of story that makes you want to read more and more! Keep up the great writing, and continue to expose the world of music, as as well as connecting it to Public Relations!

10. Noelle Cottom-Post: “Redeem the Shadows! Stop Human Trafficking!” 5/29/10- Noelle this sounds like an amazing event featuring an incredible relevant cause. Not many Americans understand the recent rise in sex trafficking all around us. America is also being affected, and we need to ban together to find a cure. Loving the girls who are sold into slavery is one of the best ways. Showing them that someone cares, and that they are not alone is really important. Thank you for bringing attention to this!

11. Tara Duffy- Post: “Toffe to Go- Social Media Project” 5/29/10- This is so inspiring! I am a fellow baker, and enjoy using my gifts and talents for the Lord. It is neat to see that other chefs and bakers are making it, and striving for excellence as they reach their American Dream!

12. Elijah Gil- Post: “Wanna know Where to get a Job and Keep it?” 5/29/10 This was such a neat post! Around the end of the year, there is buzzing in the air about graduates finding jobs, and internships, and being able to afford to move to keep that job! This post was really informative, and I bet it would be helpful to someone who is looking at relocating to find a job.

13. Erin Hertha- Post: “Blogging at the end of your Life”. 5/29/10 This is super inspiring! Great job finding this story. It is neat to see that blogging is most certainly for everyone, no matter what the circumstance. Blogging can give someone a sense of freedom as well as control because you are constantly in control of what you type and publish. Thank you for this story!

14. Rena Kosiek- Post: “Visitor Jeff Houck”. 5/29/10 This sounds like it was an amazing opportunity! I am in the Intro to PR class, so we did not get to hear the speaker, but I bet it was just incredible to hear a real life story about career success. Networking is so important, and I am glad that he touched on that!

15. Lisa McLaughlin- Post: “48 HR Magazine”. 5/29/10 This is incredible! Who knew that a little brain power and a lot of determination could produce a magazine so quickly! Neat story, and great piece Lisa!

16. Danielle Suarez- Post: “The Language of the Image”. 5/29/10 They were so right when the said “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This day in age I actually think a picture is worth ten thousand words! Photos capture the story visually to accompany the journalistic views. Great post, very informative.

17. Tiffany Harris Zellner- Post “Getting a job- Eek!” 5/29/10 This is excellent advice! I’m sure it seems like college is flying by, because it is for me and I am only a freshman! Good luck in your future, and I will remember this post when I am graduating and scared about job searching!

18. Emmanuel Colon- Post “31 Cent Ice Cream”. 5/29/10 Rats! I’m one day too late! Well thank you for posting this exciting news, and I hope that some other Baskin fans got their fill of ice cream last night!

19. Brittany Rollings- Post “Seen but not heard”. 5/29/10 I totally agree! Although we are on this band wagon together, there are many others who think that “less is more”. My mom has said that phrase over and over to me, and I just am not grasping it. I am with you, and think that one’s opinion does matter, and if we stay silent, our idea or thought might have been useful in that situation.

20. Megan Linder- Post “Tweet Tweet Tweet-a- Leet”. 5/29/10 I hear you girl! Twitter seemed super intimidating at first, and I wanted nothing to do with it. Facebook is quite the part time job anyways. BUT I have learned that twitter is so useful in PR! Networking is a valuable resource that could benefit us in the long run.


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