Glee Season Show Down

If you have not followed the last season of Glee, you still have time to stay up all night and watch it on Hulu! I became a HUGE fan after my roommate made me watch it. Glee is an American musical-comedy television series that airs on Fox Tuesday nights. The plot is at an Ohio high school where the focus is on the glee club called “New Directions”. The show features many songs sung by the glee club and showcases their talent week after week. Now don’t be shy, give Glee a Try!



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3 responses to “Glee Season Show Down

  1. What’s funny is I love musicals and I normally would be drawn to a show like this, but I just never got into it. It looks like it would be a really fun show, but I have a problem starting a season when I haven’t been following it from the beginning..kinda weird I know. But I’ve heard great things about the show and I know they use a lot of popular songs which is a great move on the artists parts since it’s going to make them lots of money and give them a lot of exposure. Maybe I’ll try to get into the show since I’ve heard such good things about it!

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  3. I have to honestly say that I have not followed Glee at all, but I am very much wanting to! I have heard nothing but amazing things about it, and I have enjoyed listening to the music from it! I hung out with some friends from Ireland that were in town the other day, and even they are into the Glee phenomenon! Glee’s version of “Don’t Stop Believin'” is even number 1 on the musical charts.

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