Week 16- Blogging Tips

1. Catchy Titles- Be creative and leave the boring stuff at home!

2. Pictures count!- Find some neat, legal images that you can upload to your blog posts to catch the reader’s attention.

3. Follow your bliss- Whatever makes you tick, write about it! Don’t try to be something you aren’t. Readers will enjoy reading what you like, even if it’s not what normally interest you.

4. Keep it organized- Use headers and search bars to organize your blog page. People will be able to find things easier and will be more willing to read if they can clearly see where things are located.

5. Spell Check- Spelling mistakes are no-no’s. Make sure all of your posts are clearly checked and re-checked!

6. Experiment- Try to find new categories that interest you, and see how you like writing about them!

7. Be friendly- Respond to comments! Make new friends, network!!

8. Videos and links- Upload videos or links to videos that pertain to your posts. It helps readers connect to your writing if they can see an example or supporting video.

9. Stay on top of your work!- Do not let your blog get the best of you. Continue to post daily, and try to comment frequently as well.

10. Be inspired- Use daily happenings, or small inspirations from friends or a professor to write blog posts. Some of your best work could be inspired by a good friend and a sunny day.


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