Week 14- Writing an Effective News Release

Keep the following points in mind when writing a press or news release….

1. Newsworthy?- The purpose of a news release is to inform the world of your news. Do not use the release to try and sell something. A good news release answers all of the W’s and H of journalism.

2. Strong stuff- Your headline should tell the story. The rest should provide detail to the reader. Grab their attention!!

3. Only report NEWS!- Not everything is considered news, and just because you are excited, doesn’t mean anyone else will be. Keep the audience in mind when writing and formulating.

4. Effectively illustrate?- Use real life examples of a problem, and identify the proper solution.

5. Facts are key- Be honest, and tell it like it is. Avoid words and comments that are not needed to get your point across.

6. Have an angle- Keep the time in mind, and keep news current.

7. Words words words- Do not use too many! Avoid using words that are unnecessary to the topic.

8. Jargon watch- Speak plainly, and clearly to get your point across.

9. Avoid hype- Do not make something more exciting than it actually is.

10. Spell check- Make sure all of your spelling and grammar is correct, you do not want to be corrected or embarrassed.

Need more advice: Option #1 & Option #2


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