Week 12- Interview w/ Kneale Mann

This week, my Public Relations Applications class was privledged to watch an interview our professor Barbara Nixon conducted with Kneale Mann discussing blogging strategies and the importance of writing for media. I was impressed with Mann’s blog, “One Mann’s Opinion” where he writes about recent issues in strategy, marketing, and social media.

In the interview, he gave a lot of advice on new bloggers and their adventures through posting. His number one point and word of wisdom, was “Write about what you like”. He spoke a lot about how important practice in writing is the key ingredient to a successful career in blogging. The more you do what you like, and practice what you like, the better you will become.

Writing and expressing your feelings and opinions on the web can be a dangerous road to travel. Mann set my mind at ease, and now I am inspired to take more of a front seat role with blogging, and manage my blog confidently.



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3 responses to “Week 12- Interview w/ Kneale Mann

  1. I think it is pretty cool that Professor Nixon has introduced our class to real-life public relations professionals such as Martin Waxman and Kneale Mann. The interviews have really helped me grasp what the career is really like and variety the job brings daily. I was also very encouraged by Mann when he described his first blogging experience. But it is true – we really should write about something that interests us the most. That way we will be more motivated to write. I’m excited to see if I will continue blogging this summer and what things I will talk about. I’ve really enjoyed blogging and hope to continue this habit in the future.

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