Chapter 15- Radio, Television, and the Web

Readings from: Public Relations- Strategies and Tactics

Public Service Announcements

  • Both radio and television stations accept public service announcements from nonprofit organizations that wish to inform and educate the public about health issues or upcoming civic events.
  • P.A’s are like advertisements, but stations do not charge to air them.

Broadcast Media Tours

  • Happen when an organization’s spokesperson is interviewed from a central location by journalists across the country.

Video News Releases

  • Produced in a format that television stations can easily use or edit based on their needs.

News Feeds

  • An organization arranges for coverage of a particular event, and television stations across the country can watch it in “real time” or receive and edited version of it for later use.

Web Sites and Streaming Media

  • Public relations personnel should not overlook Web news sites for placement of publicity. Podcasts have quickly become a public relations campaign staple.
  • The popularity of Weblogs, or blogs, means that public relations personnel should also harness them as a tactic for reaching an audience.

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