Chapter 13- New Technologies in Public Relations

Readings from: Public Relations- Strategies and Tactics

The Communications Explosion

  • In the 1990’s the internet grew from a means of exchanging scientific information in a relatively small community to become a global communications tool for the masses, blending telephone, television, and the computer into an information superhighway.

The Internet

  • Primary use- Communication (email and research).
  • Internet content is uncontrolled.
  • Used by public relations practitioners in: dictation, voice generation, expert system programming, processing of news releases, e-mail, desk-top publishing, mailing list generation, online conferencing, graphics production, and facsimile transmission.

Satellite Transmission

  • Major newspapers use satellites to transmit material to regional printing plants.
  • Many companies deliver news releases via satellite including audio and video releases.
  • Teleconferencing is a rapidly growing application of satellite transmission.

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