Chapter 8- Evaluation

Readings from: Public Relations-Strategies and Tactics

The fourth step of the public relations process is evaluation. It is the measurement of results against established objectives set during the planning process.

Objectives: A Prerequisite for Evaluation

  1. Before any PR program can be evaluated, it is important to have a clearly established set of measurable objectives.
  2. Public relations personnel and management should agree on the criteria that will be used to evaluate success in attaining objectives.
  3. Don’t wait until the end of the public relations program to determine how it will be evaluated.

Current Status of Measurement and Evaluation

  1. Studies indicate that about 4 or 5 percent of a typical PR budget is allocated to evaluations and measurement.
  2. Practitioners can measure message distribution and media placements.

Measurement of Production & Message Exposure

  1. The combination of media placements in print, broadcast, and Internet media.
  2. Calculating media impressions, which is the potential audience.
  3. Systematic tracking using software and databases.
  4. Audience awareness can be measured through survey research that often uses unaided recall to determine whether the audience understood and remembers the message.

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