Chapter 11- Reaching a Multicultural and Diverse Audience

Readings from: Public Relations- Strategies and Tactics

Diverse and Multicultural Nature of the Public Relations Audience

  • Audiences are complex mingling of groups with diverse cultural, ethnic, religious, and economic attributes.
  • Through technology and research, it’s now possible to segment audiences a number of ways that help the public relations communicator understand the characteristics of the audience and how to best communicate with them.
  • Audiences are visually oriented, increasingly taking control of how they want to receive information.

Reaching Diverse Age Groups

  • Have different values, interests, and needs.
  • Must understand youth groups such as Generation X and Y as well as the coming wave of baby boomers who are reaching retirement.
  • Each group prefers to receive information through different media channels.

Other Emerging Audiences

  • Catholic and Evangelical groups, gay/lesbian community, disabled, and women.

Reaching Global Audiences

  • The global economy makes it necessary for public relations professionals to consider the cultures and values of many diverse nations.
  • Conducting a public relations program abroad takes a great deal of sensitivity.


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