Chapter 10- Conflict Management: Dealing with Issues, Risks, and Crises

Readings from: Public Relations- Strategies and Tactics

A New Way of Thinking:

  • By defining public relations as strategic management of competition and conflict, a fresh and vigorous approach to public relations is envisioned.
  • Public relations is positioned to earn influence within organizations by focusing on achieving objectives.

Contingency Theory of Conflict Management

  • Argues for a dynamic and multifaceted approach to dealing with conflict in the field.

Risk Communication

  • Attempts to convey information regarding risk to public health and safety and the environment.
  • The communicator must begin early, identify and address the public’s concerns, recognize the public as a partner, anticipate hostility, respond to the needs of the news media, and always be honest.

Crisis Communication

  • Lack of crisis management plans.

Reputation Management

  • This asset is impacted by how the organization deals with conflict, particularly those in crises that generate significant media attention.
  • Using research to monitor reputation and making realistic responses after crises have passed can minimize damage to an organization’s reputation.

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