Week 8- Music & Public Relations? How about Cakes Instead?

Cake Boss Crew & Family

Well, as you have heard from the headline, I am not huge into music. I love music, but It is not my favorite past time. Instead, I love love love baking, so I thought I would highlight one of my favorite bakers and show you how he uses PR in his job. Many of you may have heard of the new hit TV show, “The Cake Boss.” I fell in love with the catchy title and story line. Owner and head baker Buddy Valastro wakes up at the crack of dawn every morning to return to his family owned bakery, Carlo’s City Hall Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey. He and his family run the shop and fill dozens upon dozens of cake and pastry orders daily. Now you ask, “Why would baking have to be concerned with public relations?” Well, the answer is, business. This shop has taken flight ever since the show aired in 2009. Carlo’s Bake Shop is now one of the most well known bake stores in America. On the PR end of things, their manager is an expert. He finds neat and creative ways to publicize the bakery, and to get their name out. I did some research, and became captivated with their TLC website. On there you will find videos, blogs, and even cake baking games! Don’t have too much fun, you still have your own blog to write 😉      Cake it away…



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10 responses to “Week 8- Music & Public Relations? How about Cakes Instead?

  1. I think that it is really interesting that you found how baking can be combined with public relations. I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised though, as we usually are able to connect our favorite interests with almost anything. For example, I love researching professional sports and PR. I have written quite a few blog posts concerning fan relations and possible careers in that field. I am interested to hear more about your research about baking and public relations. Maybe you can do a few PR Connections on the subjects? I am so impressed by people who can make baking an art! Great post idea and hope to see more information about this in the future!

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  3. I love TLC! I am pretty sure that I could watch almost every show that airs on their channel! Although I have never watched a full episode of Cake Boss, I am quite certain that I would enjoy it, if I had the time to watch it! I think it is so cute that he has a family owned business. Also, I believe that PR has a huge part of business. Getting the word out is going to be vital in becoming a successful business. I enjoyed reading your blog post. It was creative, and caught my eye particularly! Thanks Molly!

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  5. This is a really cool post. I have seen a lot more cakes shows lately and so I’m not too surprised to see that PR connections are possible here. I know with my fiancé and I getting married we have had to look at some cake designs and I was shocked to learn that some can cost over 1k, I said, “get yourself real.” But it is a flourishing company especially with people like Oprah and large companies ordering cakes to be brought in on tv shows or award banquets. Great post.

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  7. Great post! I love how you took something you love and tied it in with public relations. Most people just see public relations as one general area, but there are several different branches that you don’t often think of. As you proved, public relations can even relate to baking. If you are interested in public relations, you can inevitably find some way to incorporate your other interests with it, as well, and it is encouraging to see you demonstrate that in your blog post.

    I like to bake too, so I also was excited to see you include this post on your blog for that reason! I have enjoyed watching Cake Boss and other similar shows that have been increasing in popularity lately. With Cake Boss specifically, I can only imagine how much their client base has grown for their bakery. It’s amazing how a few hours of airtime (or any type of publicity) can make such a huge difference.

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  9. Firstly, I love how you decided to write about something that was still related to the assignment but twisted it to something you’re passionate about. This was an interesting post to read. It’s interesting to think about all the different fields’ public relations impacts. I really enjoy reading about creative outlets in all aspects of businesses. I believe this show is really creative in it’s approach to get their business known. It’s interesting to watch how it functions. Thanks for sharing about this.

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