Chapter 7- Communication

Readings from: Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics

Communication is the key element to Public Relations. Communicating can be done on many different levels in many different languages, so it is important to be versatile or have communication connections.

The goals of the communication process are to inform, persuade, motivate, or achieve mutual understanding. To be an effective communicator, a person must have basic knowledge of what constitutes communication and how people receive messages, how people process information and change their perceptions, and what kinds of media and communication tools are most appropriate for a particular message.


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  1. Communication the Key to all things in Public Relations! How you communicate your idea, product, and client to the world is going to make the difference between success and failure in this field. I personally think that communications is an innate gift. You can work on communication skills and tools, but unless it comes natural and easy to you it will be hard to do the job as a profession. Obviously there is a lot of ways to communicate other than spoken word, but whatever way you choose to communicate do so professionally and make sure you make a splash to catch people’s attention. The more ways that you use to communicate the more people you can and will impact. So dive in and explore the world of communications and pretty soon you will also make a wave!

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