Week 4- PR History

If you could work in an era of PR history (from a time before you were born), which one would it be? What interests you most about this era and why?

The 19th century has proven to be a mark in history for public relations. It was a period of growth and expansion in the United States, also known as the golden age of the press agent. This period was also the age of an incline in media involvement which helped to produce better results. This era was the starting point for social media. I would have enjoyed working in this time period because I could have helped set the standards for public relations. Someone who was there and was active in the process was Phineas T. Barnum, who was a great American showman and the master of the pseudeovent, which is a planned happening that occurs primarily for the purpose of being reported. Barnum used elaborate language and exaggeration to promote his public displays. This would have been entertaining to witness and monumental to a public relations student to have the opportunity to be able to learn from Barnum’s examples. Even though these events were fake, they proved a point that and press is good press, and that as long as you have a goal in mind, you can achieve it if you try hard enough.


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