Week 2- My Publics

What is a “public”? Which publics are you a member of? How did you choose to become a member of those publics? (Choose and discuss at least three.)

A public is a group that you associate with.

1. Southeastern University Students- By attending this University, I become involved in the campus life and the lives of the other student’s here.

2. Journalism Major- In journalism it is important to practice your skills, and perfect them. I have joined The Southeastern Times newspaper staff to develop my writing styles.

3. Resident of Esperanza- Since I realized I would be living here for 4 years, I decided to live on campus and get involved in the lives of the girls who also live here. I took a position as a community leader, and hope to be an R.A. for the fall of 2010.



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4 responses to “Week 2- My Publics

  1. I was reading your list of publics and I had to comment, simply because so many of mine match yours! I, too, am a Southeastern University student and journalism major. Also, although I’m not a resident of Esperanza, I am a community leader, too, for Buttercup. Sounds like our lives are pretty similar! How long have you been a CL for? Even though this is my last semester at SEU, I just became a CL at the beginning of the year, and I have really enjoyed it despite the short amount of time I’ve had. I hope your experience has been the same and I think it’s great that you decided to get involved right away. Getting involved on campus is definitely the best advice anyone can give to a college student—even though it’s clichéd, it’s so true. Being part of any public provides you with a sense of belonging that makes all the difference.

    • Hey girl! Yeah that is neat how our publics match up! I have been a community leader for one semester, because I am a freshman, so I barely knew what a CL was or did until I got here. I decided to talk to Sue about being an R.A for the fall, and she said that there was a CL position for the Spring, so I jumped at the chance. Serving the girls on my hall has been a huge blessing to me, and to my walk with the Lord. I definitely agree that campus involvement is really important to someone’s college experience, and I can honestly say that if I was not apart of res-life, that my freshman year would have been dull and lifeless. It has brought so much to me and allowed me to open up to amazing girls and women of God!

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  3. I love #3! Yay for Esperanza! I’m so glad you were my Community Leader this year, it’s been great getting to know you! I’m happy that you’re achieving your dream to be an Resident Assistant next year, I know you’ll do great!

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